A peek into the future? I hope not.

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A peek into the future? I hope not.

Hundreds of demonstrators have clashed with riot police in Latvia's capital, Riga, after an anti-government protest.

Police used mace and truncheons to disperse rioters who smashed
shop windows and overturned a police van after failing to storm

The violence followed a peaceful rally in which some 10,000
people accused the government of economic mismanagement and demanded
new elections.

Latvia's economy is expected to contract by at least 5% this year.

Until last year, it was one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

An overturned police car and other debris after the protest in Riga, Latvia, 13 January 2009
The violence followed a peaceful protest calling for early elections

Many Latvians frustrated by rising unemployment and tax
hikes blame the centre-right governing coalition of Prime Minister
Ivars Godmanis for their country's economic woes.


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Re: A peek into the future? I hope not.


 Good information, I tried to look up information on US based news (msn, cnn, yahoo) and nothing on this.  Censership is here, we only get information on what they want us to hear not on what we need to hear.

Keep the faith

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Re: A peek into the future? I hope not.

Does anyone know how things are with the people of Iceland these days? That story seems to have disappeared.

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Re: A peek into the future? I hope not.


I haven't been reading it lately, but here is a link to an Iceland blogger that someone posted a few weeks ago:


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Re: A peek into the future? I hope not.


I think little separates us in the US from similar actions.  We are not hungry, literally, enough.  We, as a nation, have been too pacified with the huge amount of bread and circuses.  Take away the pacifier and we are humans, just like the Latvians.

Jerry Lee,

Take a look at "alive's" blog at the link Nonzeroone posted.  I have been following her posts and it is quite an emotional rollercoaster.

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Re: A peek into the future? I hope not.

Thanks. You're right about the emotional part!

Below is an excerpt from a section of her blog called TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY

When you have almost finished the piece you have, but it is too small to use, put it in a freezer bag and in your freezer. In a little while you will have a nice collection of cheese that you can use to grind up and use for other dishes, or as pizza cheese. Even when your cheese has started to mold, most types of cheese have not gone bad despite this. All you do is cut a very thick slice off it, and i mean in thickness like 2-4 normal slices, throw that out, and put the good cheese in an airtight bag.

You can make your own bread, i have a few recipes i can share for those who enjoy home made bread or just want to make their own natural, and preservative free (much better for your body). You can bake the bread and freeze it right away. When we have made dishes that are made with bread as well and cut off the edges, we gather them in freezer bags and store. After we get a nice collection of edges, we can make a different kind of egg/bread oven baked disk. It´s delicious. Also when bread starts to dry up, i put that bread in with the edges, as long as it has no mold, it will be perfect later on.

A Peak Into The Future? 

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