Peak Oil - What if..

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Peak Oil - What if..

Having watched the crash course and shown it to friends I keep coming up with the following question.I'm sure it must have been asked before but what impact would (does) it have if the USA takes the mid east oil and sustain its needs at the expense of others.

Our ongoing military presence in the region indicates that our leaders (I choked on that) must surely be considering that approach. 

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Re: Peak Oil - What if..

You get a major world war.  The rest of the world is not going to shiver in the dark while New York is warm and lighted.  It would be a suicide move.  It is much easier to let the entire planet deal with energy scarcity as a whole than to seize the fields for ourselves and try to defend against the inevitable onslaught.

My 2 cents, anyway.


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Re: Peak Oil - What if..

Hi WhoKnew-

China just signed a contract for oil from Iraq so are you talking about the Saudi fields?

And are you suggesting that we should go to war over oil? (Haven't you seen Crude Impact- available on you tube)

My position is the game going on now is - who ever comes up with the best sustainable energy plans - wins. It wins in producing a sustainable energy, energy efficiency, becomes a stable nation and has resilience in times of trouble. 

If you are suggesting we go to war over oil- you go first and I'll let you know when I'm ready to jump on that band wagon. . . which won't be anytime soon.

Learn to Live in Peace - damit.

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Re: Peak Oil - What if..


I think we tried that already.  The US has been occupying the MidEast for decades to ensure access to oil.  We also tried it bigtime in Iraq, and that hasn't panned out so well.   We can't fight our way out of this.   Why waste more oil by provoking major world wars to hoard the remaining reserves.   If the world can find other means of sustainable resources everyone will benefit.



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Re: Peak Oil - What if..

Very interesting question.  Here's my$.02 for consideration.

I think EndGame's position is close to the most correct.  I submit that whoever comes up with sustainable and renewable wins.  If you mean sustainable in the sense of matched supply and demand - there are too many dynamics that can impact either and cause an imbalance.

Once you get sustainable and renewable energy you eliminate the need for foreign oil altogether.  In the best of scenarios, why not share the technology globally?  Then, as lpowell points out, we all win.  We could eliminate or greatly reduce the dependence on oil altogether.  Cold fusion?  A 'Mr. Fusion' in every home (for those of you who haven't seen "Back To The Future", never mind). Something else?  Once we all share in energy that is cheap and readily available - who needs oil besides Jay Leno for his car collection?

As far as positioning our military in the Middle East to facilitate a land grab - I don't think so.  Our military is not sized to do that, nor do we have the national will to embrace such an approach.  We are there now for many reasons, one of which is to ensure the continuous supply of oil.  If we were to seize the Middle East fields we would last about as long as it would take for Russia and China to figure out how to put centuries of Russo-Sino hate behind them and come kick us out.  We just aren't capable of the power projection on the scale we employed in World War II - much less generating the international support and national will we had then.

You could also extend the thought to other resources.  Sub-Saharan Africa has numerous instances of tribal warfare over grazing land and water access.  We have a history of it in the US when the cattle ranchers, sheep ranchers and beet farmers in Colorado and Wyoming fought over land use.  Development of sustainable and renewable energy technology could generate spiral technologies that would likely help alleviate problems with other resource management issues.

Great question.

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