Parliament Presentation

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Parliament Presentation

I listened to the presentation to the British Parliament today and was wondering if this was a regular session of parliament or a committee, or???just curious. Was it parliamentary representatives asking questions or the public. The questions were not understandable to me. But you could sort of tell from the answers what the general idea of the question was. I was hoping he'd repeat them as part of the answer. There is a bit more urgency in the presentation when compared to crash course. I think it maybe reflects the sloth with which most of this country exhibits in the face of the type of information it is.

"Just leave us alone in our livingrooms" to paraphrase the movie Network.

I think the manner in which he answers the questions presented in this latest recording and on the two beers site will go a long way to separate him from the internet doomsday herd. I am frustrated about getting the word out one person at a time. And then so many assume its just another doomsday nut. It's hard to get them to even take a listen. 









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