Overpopulation coming to a hault?

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Overpopulation coming to a hault?



Worthwile read that basically states that fertility rates are decreasing, thus overpopulation will begin to decrease.  What does everyone think about this?  I know Chris would probably have something to say if he read it.

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Re: Overpopulation coming to a hault?

There is a very very simple metric to employ for human population analysis.


People are made of food.......most of the population growth of the past 100 years is based on petroleum subisidy of the agricultural system.


We are past the peak of oil production....rapid population declines are now baked in and unstoppable.

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Re: Overpopulation coming to a hault?

 Do they figure in the Abortions, Aids , and Cancer  numbers ?    They can keep people alive for a long time in the nursing homes with ensure  .  Maybe  cutting back there will be one of the next steps that funds get cut back on ? You know quality of life sort of scenario.

  Health care that gives free vasectomies! 

  They could get way more creative than they have been , don't you think ? 

 1% of the population feeds the 99% .


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Re: Overpopulation coming to a hault?


 knuckle.. agreed.

 And this is already the case in Japan and much of europe.... population may be still growing in some areas since it's an integral over rate of reproduction/attrition + net immigration,

 It doesn't need a global solution..... only things like atmosphere + oceans (tragedy of the commons) need international collaboration..

 Nature herself will "guide reproduction wisely"...... if we don't get there first.


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