Our 20th Century Administration

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Our 20th Century Administration

My short take on Obama's new $50B infrastructure spending proposal. It's nothing anyone doesn't really know already, but just wanted to express my frustration. He calls it infrastructure for the 21st century when it clearly is better suited for the 20th century, and I'm pretty sure he realizes this too.



President Obama's new "economic recovery" proposal provides $50 billion for "infrastructure" development, which includes the "repair" of roads, highways, bridges, railways and runways. He has repeatedly said that we need "infrastructure for the 21st century" and the "world's best infrastructure", and he claims this proposal will help us achieve those goals. The fact is that President Obama is really proposing to create/maintain the infrastructure of the 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately, our president has not gotten the message, even though we're already one-tenth of the way in: this century will be nothing like the last in terms of complexity, availability of cheap energy and therefore the usefulness of our current transportation infrastructure.

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