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Orlov fans

Dmitry Orlov has his own blog at http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/

He has a recent hour long talk http://web.mac.com/bgong/Site/Home_Page/Entries/2009/2/23_Dmitry_Orlov_speaking_at_Point_Reyes_Books.html 

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Re: Orlov fans

He now has a new post up http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2009/02/of-swans-and-turkeys.html

Swans and turkeys



7 billion people can be wrong, very wrong

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Re: Orlov fans

Yep, I love Orlov's blog.  Makes me laugh out loud.  

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Re: Orlov fans

Maybe the funniest thing in Orlov is his doctrine of "boondoggles to the rescue", that when you're surrounded by idiots who insist on trying desperately to boondoggle their way to solutions, you may need to just pretend to play along.

Although I've long had multiple-track views and prescriptions on things, I now call the stupid business-as-usual track boondogglism.

For example on banks: My real position is that if it's true that the collapse of Wall St and other big banks would reverberate detrimentally to Main Street, and that therefore we need to spend all this money on bailouts, then we should focus all that money on Main St itself. If the goal is real loans for real productive purposes, then use the money to shore up local and regional banks, the ones who actually still do some actual banking. Use the money as a firewall to protect them vs. these reverberations which would be coming down from the destruction of Citi, BofA, etc., which destruction should be carried out.

I think this is both the only thing that could possibly work, as part of the general necessary program of decentralization and relocalization, and is also the desirable path politically, morally, and spiritually. So for both practical and human reasons it's the path worth attempting.

That's what I'd argue to anyone who might possibly be able to listen.

But for the brainwashed and/or corrupted mass, who are damn well going to insist on boondoggling and attempting to prop up this corpse, maintain the megabloated top-heavy Wall St model (indeed to bloat it further - everything they prescribe involves further aggregation and concentration), try to reinflate the bubbles and continue with the exponential debt civilization model, among them I advocate nationalization, pay caps and clawbacks, firing the management, regulatory reform, all that good stuff, even though I don't believe even doing all that would work, since it's the system itself which is rotten at the core and collapsing of its inherent unsustainability, not a basically sound system which just needs some fixing. So that's my "boondoggle" prescription.   

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Re: Orlov fans

Upcoming events:

 ClubOrlov: An Evening with Dmitry Orlov

Where? Studio 353 353 West 48 St. New York City, NY 10036
When? July 11, 2009 6:30-8:30 PM
How much? $20 (Buy tickets here.)

Here are some topics for you to choose from or add to (ahead of time) by submitting comments. The venue happens to be in New York, and I can talk fast, so let it rip. (This list came from Phil who organized the event. I'll pick items of interest based on the feedback I get.)

ClubOrlov: Feasta Conference, Dublin

I will be giving a couple of talks at a conference in Dublin, Ireland, June 9th through 12th. The conference is sponsored by Feasta (The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability www.feasta.org.) This is its 10th anniversary conference, entitled:

Creative Solutions for the New Emergency
Managing Risk and Building Resilience in a Resource Constrained World

I will be giving a public lecture at the Davenport Hotel in Dublin on the evening of the 9th, starting at 19:30, as well as a keynote on the morning of the 11th:

Definancialisation, Deglobalisation, Relocalisation


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Re: Orlov fans

His subjects for talks at the NY event make very interesting and humourous reading (between the lines). Hopefully someone will record audio and even maybe video of the event for those of us isolated by distance.

Here they are;

  • How our society has moved from one of generalists to specialists making us especially vulnerable and resistant to reengaging with nature and our ability to have numerous skills.
  • The continuing attraction of obtaining advanced degrees despite evidence that only debt and unemployment are the end results of such efforts.
  • People returning to school recently for degrees in Urban Planning, Ecology, etc., with the belief that the degree will result in some great future: are they going to make a paradigm shift, or are they just smoking crack?
  • The talk by many older “star” authors and speakers that there is a mass movement by our youth to recapture the spirit of the 1960’s and to correct the state of the world as it exists.
  • The belief that the Internet and Digital Media are here to stay.
  • Permaculture: There seems to be a real disconnect between theory and putting it into practice.
  • Fixation with Permaculture as The Solution; how is that similar to/different from fixating on technology in general?
  • Why is there a dire shortage of hippies in the country and what should the government do to address it?
  • The ethics of reducing population and resource share: is there a distinction between planned population reduction and fascism?
  • Can Permaculture avoid the trap of other movements that wind up in power when those in charge come to believe theirs is the only solution.
  • Will Permaculture teachers continue jetting around until there is no jet fuel left?
  • What can we do about the desire and pressure to continue having children while acknowledging the limited carrying capacity of the planet?
  • Vegetarians and Vegans – How can not eating certain things solve the problem?
  • Can a green economy help us continue on the road of exponential growth.
  • What of all the talk of products and patents locked up by the evil oil companies that can deliver us from the problems we’ve created?
  • Is a utopian society possible? What, at this point, qualifies as a utopian society? How would it be different from a dystopia?
  • Are people ready or willing to make drastic changes and take the huge personal risks that circumstances demand?
  • With so many forms of media at our disposal, are we less able to communicate than ever before.
  • Are we on information overload. Can we still differentiation between what is true and false. How does one navigate this? Is it even possible?
  • Why is there an enduring allure of technology as the great fix?
  • Russia vs the US - where is Russia today? Where is the US today?
  • How can we shield ourselves from the disintegration of social services, the money system, and other bits of communal life support?
  • What things happened in Russia during descent that will/will not occur in the U.S.
  • How do I feel knowing about this? How do I go on?
  • What do I think of the Transition Town movement? Is it workable for all cities no matter their size?
  • The Left: is it so fractured that the pieces can accomplish nothing of substance?
  • Why is each segment seem oblivious to the interconnection that exists between the environment, energy and economy?
  • Why is there still a belief that Obama can correct the situation despite evidence that it is business as usual (banking, healthcare, new automobile standards, automotive industry bailout, build more roads, etc.)?
  • Why is the food movement focusing on bringing food to you instead of bringing you to food?
  • Why is there all this talk of making changes, but little understanding that what is being suggested is akin to bailing out the Titanic using teaspoons?
  • Why is there no understand that we don’t have 30 more years to course-correct?
  • Why are those who speak the hard truth labeled as being ‘Doomers”?
  • What would it mean to bear responsibility for the role each and every one of us plays in what is unfolding?
  • How do we tap the creative spirit in ourselves?



Too big to fail, too big to fix, too big to care

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