"orderly bankruptcy" for the auto industry

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"orderly bankruptcy" for the auto industry

Here is an article with the plans of the Bush administration to help the auto industry. Can someone please explain what they mean by "orderly"? How is that really going to change their outcome?



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Re: "orderly bankruptcy" for the auto industry

I get a really creepy, almost sickening feeling when the governement says "orderly".  It just weirds me out.  Beyond that though, the net impact could be simply that it will be easier for people to sleep easy knowing that the government has it all under control.  I get a general feeling that this is not a good thing, as upheaval is not naturally orderly (is it?).  The quieter the Big 3 fall, the easier it will be for the governement to continue with more of the same...

...sorry for being such a downer...I'm in Michigan...and it's getting worse all the time (not that it isn't everywhere else too).  Besides a bailout, the only thing worse than bankruptcy is a governement-managed bankruptcy.

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