The One Percent documentary

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The One Percent documentary


The One Percent is a 2006 documentary about the growing wealth gap between America's wealthy elite and the citizenry on the whole. It was created by Jamie Johnson, an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, and produced by Jamie Johnson and Nick Kurzon. The film's title refers to the top one percent of Americans in terms of wealth, who controlled 38% of the nation's wealth in 2001.[1]


Only had time to post the first 2 3-8 should pop up after the 2nd one.  Enjoy. 

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The One Percent


         I saw that a couple of months ago. By the way if anyone has netflix, you can stream it for free. It gave me an increased appreciation for the vast wealth that is held by the elite and passed down from generation to generation. Further, they have been able to dramatically increase their wealth over the past few decades. You often hear people talk about how how the wealthy elite really don't understand how regular people live, and this documentary in my opinion shows just that. My favorite parts are listening to the wealthy business owner who talked about how he deserved all his wealth because god thinks he can handle it, and the cop who talked about how talented the black people in his community are, meanwhile desparately trying to suppress his racist views. Very funny.



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