oil scam ??

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Re: oil scam ??

 Maybe they're doing God's work... (tm)



Our Chairman,
Who Art At Goldman,
Blankfein Be Thy Name.
The Rally's Come. God's Work Be Done
On Earth As There's No Fear Of Correction.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Gains,
And Bankrupt Our Competitors
As You Taught Lehman and Bear Their Lessons.
And Bring Us Not Under Indictment.
For Thine Is The Treasury,
The House And The Senate
Forever and Ever.




nabbed from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tom-gregory/the-lloyds-prayer_b_353373.html  via 0-hedge





 I actually think a high oil price is a VERY GOOD THING (tm) !

 An early warning... I far prefer it to complacency and decadence followed by panic, war and dieoff..


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Re: oil scam ??

Yes Plato.  Thy wisdom is divine.  I agree a gradual sustained rise (vs sudden catastrophic change) in oil prices would lead to the necessary changes in energy use and alternative supply. 


However, it has been my observation that most who proclaim themselves to be christians, really aren't.  Any scoundrel can call himself a christian.  Christians are judged by their deeds, not their words.  This guy is so obviously not a christian that it really irritates me that he is holding himself up as an example of a christian.

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