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Official Facebook Group: Spread the Word

The "official" facebook group can be found here.
We think this can be an important avenue for increasing awareness of
the website and the Crash Course. It can provide a good way to reach
out to people and bring them into the community, or provide a simple
follow-up once they've been made aware. It's also just a nice way to
show support, seeing as it's very easy to keep track of membership.
Hopefully we can get a few hundred people, and have everyone invite
their friends to continue spreading the word. Please join us on
facebook, and spread the word to your friends.



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Re: Official Facebook Group: Spread the Word

I think the group's membership has more than tripled in the past few days.  Now that is some serious (and wonderful) exponential growth!

 Keep joining the group and spreading the word everyone (and occasionally posting comments so the forum/group link remains visible on the homepage).



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Re: Official Facebook Group: Spread the Word

**Update on the official Facebook group**

 As before, the link to the official group is here. There are several other groups out there, which we don't have a problem with, but this is
the official one that we'd like everyone to be a part of. We're
currently at 122 members, with another 84 invitees who have not
responded yet. It's a great start, and we would like everyone on these
boards with a facebook profile join and invite as many people as

The group isn't just for people who've seen the
Course; in fact, it can serve as an awareness mechanism and even
conversation starter. Especially with the DVDs becomming available, it
can be a good tip-off to all those friends and family to whom you plan
on giving the Course. The more times they hear it mentioned, the more
familiar they'll be with the Course and the website. Thanks to everyone
who has currently joined and those who've posted on the wall =]

updates (such as screenshots and links to other networking sites in
development) should be coming in the next few weeks. We'd really like
to try to break 500 members soon - personally, I think we can make
1,000 by Christmas (but we'll see how that goes).

More important than any facebook group, remember to spread the word in any way possible! 



 (This exact post will be duplicated under the General Discussion and Questions thread too). 

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