Obama Snubs Dalai Lama

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Obama Snubs Dalai Lama

Maybe when Obama said; "I won't be accountable to special interest groups, I'll be accountable to you," he was talking to the Chinese?

Obama 'Snubs' Dalai Lama

I guess this is what happens when you owe someone $1 Trillion.

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Re: Obama Snubs Dalai Lama

Jon Stewart & co did a great bit on this the other night on The Daily Show.  Maybe someone will have the video link.  What it comes down to, is that one of the ideas that Obama ran for President on was the idea that the US should be willing to talk to ANYBODY, even our enemies...Yet the one person we REFUSE to talk to is a man of peace.  Go figure! 

I believe they came to the same conclusion you did, Okubow, when they asked the question "why?": Because we owe the Chinese $1 Trillion!!!

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Re: Obama Snubs Dalai Lama

Being turned away by the Obama administration is surely a sign of enlightenment . . . . . How auspicious!Wink 


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