Number high school/college of grads for 2010- California

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Number high school/college of grads for 2010- California

California State University= 100,000 grads

University of California= 40,000 grads

Private universities

USD= 1500 grads

USC= 8000 grads

U of Redlands= 1000 grads

USF= 2000 grads

Chapman= 1800 grads

Loyola= 2000 grads

Stanford= 3500 grads

Santa Clara U= 2000 grads

U of Pacific= 1500 grads

Pepperdine= 2000 grads

Biola= 1800

Azusa Pacific= 2200

Cal Baptist= 1000

 160,000 college grads to enter the job market, more or less.

376,000 high school grads for 2010. Lets assume that 30% of them will go on to college, so 264,000 go on to the job market. 264,000 + 160,000 college grads= 424,000 people entering the job market in 2010 just in california. Now, lets not forget about the 62% graduation rate, so what about the high school dropouts, some of them must be looking for work as well. Lets make it simple and add 100,000 to the 424,000. So now we have 524,000 people entering the "job market" every year in California.

How many of these young people will join street gangs as they cant find employment? Currently, many are joining the army as they hire anyone. Of course the military can soak up only so many young people from Cal as there are 49 other states that are having similar problems. The future looks bleak for the golden state.



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