NTSC ISO....Posted?

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NTSC ISO....Posted?

Since the NTSC ISO must be available by now, I am wondering if the link will be posted soon or is it already out there and I am not aware of the location?  I already ordered and paid for 300 copies but would surely like, as soon as possible,  to see how the finished product turned out.

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Re: NTSC ISO....Posted?

Here's a comment posted by Eric regarding this (Comment #142):



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Re: NTSC ISO....Posted?

The problem is that we have a whole bunch of people who have rushed into the game, found the NTSC torrent on their own, and started downloading. We had hoped to get the torrent "seeded" on a couple of high-bandwidth servers before making it available to the general public.

To those of you who already found the NTSC torrent on your own: If your intention is to keep your BitTorrent client running after you complete the download so that you can act as a seed for other users, fine. We appreciate your help. But if you are already downloading and do not intend to allow your system to act as a seed for other users, I request that you stop your download until we have some high-bandwidth seeds in place! 

I have a 100Mbps symmetric connection (100M up and 100M down), and am trying to become the primary seed for the NTSC file. But the file is coming from our webmaster's restricted-bandwidth system, and I am competing with dozens of other users for access to the file! This will work a lot better for everyone if everybody will just be patient and wait until we have a high bandwidth seed in place before starting your own downloads. The reason this is taking so long is that we can't get the seeds in place because we're competing with impatient users who just couldn't wait to start their downloads.




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Re: NTSC ISO....Posted?


Correct me if i'm wrong, but it looks as though you've got it downloaded and are seeding? I've got two 54 Mbps connections ready to seed. Do you have other, higher-bandwith seeds for us to wait on? The number of leaches has jumped quite a bit, so hopefully it isn't too early...

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Re: NTSC ISO....Posted?


Check out the blog post from a little earlier: http://www.peakprosperity.com/blog/dvd-iso-master-files-available-bittor...

Erik has both NTSC and PAL downloaded, and a number of others do too.  I've seen as of late about 14 seeds for NTSC and 5 for PAL.  The more we can get the better!  Certainly jump in and help if you can.


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