Now That's Painless Economic Journalism . . .

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Now That's Painless Economic Journalism . . .

Not sure what they're purveying here (Outrage . . . but to what end?), but here's some colorful economic journalism.

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Re: Now That's Painless Economic Journalism . . .

I think it's pretty obvious. They want more government involvement, clawbacks, etc.  They freely admit that it was government involvement in the first place that caused the problem and then think more government involvement will improve things!  Yes, I think their should be a big investigation of Goldman Sachs, Geithner and Paulson, but they should be dealt with as fraud and any money reclaimed based on that.  Then we start dismantling all the govenment involvement in many many areas.  It's time to move the power back to the populace and away from government, one way is through sound commodity based money with no Federal Reserve.  Without the FED non of this would ever have been allowed to occur.  They are the root cause.

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