Not So Free Press -- the blogosphere business case under attack

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Not So Free Press -- the blogosphere business case under attack

Play on words with "free" press as in it will cost more money to blog as we have been.

The linked Article highlights the Associated Press's strategy to shore up its business case and will undoubtedly have an impact on the blogs we've all come to know and love so much by asserting copyright law to obtain licences or royalties for accessing the information.

Couple this "private" trend which will increase the cost of blogging making it less free with the government's proposed Cybersecurity Act and you have a conspiracy theorist's paradise of a wholesale attack on the internet perpetrated by the collusion of big business and big government on both the availability and content of information. More ranting here and there.

I think there will be a business case for getting the blogosphere to "join, or die" because divided, the AP will be able to take them apart.

How convenient that all of a sudden within the last few months GOOG, IBM & GE start spamming the airwaves for with (highly centralized) smart grid blather and then BAM!!!, today we are suddenly under attack by chinese and russian hackers who want to control our power supply. A diversified distributed grid-less permculture energy system is the best defense against malevelent energy grid hackers, but bad for neo-mercantilism & facism so I guess we will need a cybersecurity act (sarcasm).


Other thoughts---Who/what competes with the Associated Press to provide news besides press releases? Why does most of the American free press operate as a profit entity, when a not-for-profit construct may diminish certain conflicts of interest within the press.

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Re: Not So Free Press -- the blogosphere business case ...

I could not agree with you more.

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