"Non-performing" loans - reason for China`s economic might

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"Non-performing" loans - reason for China`s economic might

Believe it or not, so called "non-performing" loans or should i say non-credit money are actually behind China`s economic might, as well as strong control over money issuance and banking system by the Government. Money is used in its purest form: as a convenient mechanism for oiling the wheels of commerce and development, just like it was couple of centuries ago when Benjamin Franklin lived and later Abraham Lincoln. China accepted what you allready had, but recklessly gave it away to private bankers and  masters of money issuance.

Regarding how deposit money is created through fractional reserve banking, which is basically counterfeiting, Chris Martenson said in a Crach Course Chapter 7: "Is this all real money? You bet it is, especially if it’s in your bank account." 

and also regarding how privately hold FED issue dollar bills in Chapter 8: "I am not going to cast judgment on this and say that it is good or it is bad. It simply is what it is."

Thus, it think he missed to emphasis the very core of the problem and that is privately created money with no control of society or Government whatsoever, which eventually created mass slavery and debt system beyond most people awerness.

Little island state Guernsey in British channel is also very good example to make a point. Herе are some useful links: http://www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/Guernsey.html



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