No to auditing Gold reserves, just as no to auditing the Fed

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No to auditing Gold reserves, just as no to auditing the Fed

The United States could put these concerns to rest simply by auditing the gold and publicly reporting the findings. And yet, despite repeated attempts by such organizations as GATA to get them to do that, they refuse. Why? Is it because Treasury and Federal Reserve officials know that the results would be explosive, and similar to what has been outlined in the Fort Hocks and Fort Shocks scenarios above?

If it becomes known that the United States has surreptitiously hocked or sold its citizens’ gold, the price per ounce would most likely explode. Conceivably, gold would have its first $500 up day as people threw in the towel on other forms of “money” they could no longer understand or trust.

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Re: No to auditing Gold reserves, just as no to auditing ...

Fascinating article.  Thanks.

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Re: No to auditing Gold reserves, just as no to auditing ...

investorzzo - thanks for the article.

We are being set up to move to a gold standard because most of the worlds gold has fallen into the hands of the anglo-american NWO crew.  It may be that the Trilaterals are cornering the global gold market to rule us after the collapse.

Your article suggest the following gold reserves have been sold off:

According to the World Gold Council, Canada’s gold reserves are down 99.5% from 1980 to today; Australia’s are down 68%; Austria’s are down 57%; Belgium’s are down 79%; The Netherlands’ are down 55%; Portugal’s are down 45%; Spain’s are down 38%; Norway’s are down 100%; Sweden’s are down 30%; the United Kingdom’s are down 47%; South Africa’s are down 67%; Argentina’s are down 60%; Mexico’s are down 92%; Brazil’s are down 41%; and the European Central Bank’s are down 33% (since 1999, its first reporting year). Even Switzerland, a country with a long-term affinity for gold, has slashed its reserves by 60%. Official world gold holdings (held by all nations plus international financial organizations such as the BIS, the IMF and the ECB) are down 17%, despite large gold reserve increases by countries such as China, Taiwan, India and Russia that moderated the larger percentage declines in the many nations noted above.

According to Bill Still (Moneymasters) some photos were taken years ago (I can't remember what year) to verify that there was at least some gold at Fort Knox.  This was to assure people without a going through the expense of a physical inventory and an audit (government always trying to save money).

The "gold" bars that were photographed were reviewed by experts who claimed that the gold appeared to be more "reddish" than 99.9% pure should appear.  The difference in color, to the experts, verified that what they were seeing was "coinage" (molded scraps of more than one alloy).  Ron Paul was involved in the early 1980's "gold commission" and he commented that there is probably no salable bullion left at fort knox.

And, we can't forget that during 2007 and 2008 another 5,000 tonnes of gold seems to be missing from our reserves.

Oh yea, the other oddity is that gold was stored at underneath the world trade center and much of that seems to be missing.  My guess is that terrorist hijackers must have survived the attack on 9/11 and then snuck down to the bowels of the WTC to steal $650 million in gold bars before the towers came crashing down.

What a country!  


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