No 2011 Fiscal Budget Was Ever Discussed in Congress - Fed. Fiscal Year Starts Oct. 1st

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No 2011 Fiscal Budget Was Ever Discussed in Congress - Fed. Fiscal Year Starts Oct. 1st

A little known fact is the Government never passed a 2011 Fiscal Budget, in fact Pelosi never brought a discussion to the floor, which should have been done by April 15th of this year. 


This morning Drudge does have a headline across their page about No Budget being passed and it links to this article,


It looks like they plan on passing one spending bill after another, instead of doing their paid duty to the people of the U.S.


Gold and Silver may react to this fact, even more than it has been reacting.




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Re: No 2011 Fiscal Budget Was Ever Discussed in Congress - ...

If these clowns actually 'worked' for the voters (the absurd myth promoted in civics textbooks), they unquestionably would be fired for incompetence.

How about a statute providing that if no budget is in place when the fiscal year begins, Congress is automatically dissolved, with all members stripped of their incumbency and seniority?

A failed institution packed with cavalier hooligans needs severe discipline. The current bunch resembles a wolfpack of drunken crackheads armed with machine guns, driving 150 mph and laughing maniacally. An appalling catastrophe is guaranteed.

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Re: No 2011 Fiscal Budget Was Ever Discussed in Congress - ...

the dems do not want to vote on a budget before the election.  they are worried that it will guarantee a blood letting at the polls in november and they will be thrown out big time.  they are probably right.  the entire thing is amazing.  a few months ago all they could talk about was raising taxes on anything and everything they could come up with.  they floated a VAT.  they tried to raise taxes on the 53 percent of the people in america that pay fed income tax (allowing the so called bush tax cuts to expire).  they went on a truly historic spending spree (along with the fed) and they need an aircraft carrier full of money to pay for it all.  they want to raise the capital gains tax.  they want to raise a bunch of different taxes.  a classic example of hard core "spend and tax".  voting in big tax increases before an election is clearly a suicidal move so they did not do it.  they hope to rely on the age honored 95% of incumbents get reelected gig and just slide by keeping power in both houses of congress.  they passed many of the spending bills against the will of the people.  thousands of earmarks - many of them ridiculous.  so, now they are going to wait to see if they retain power in washington.  if they do there will be another historic spending and taxing spree.  if they don't, they will just blame the repubs for the coming disaster.  looks like a pretty good plan from the dem point of view.  it does not look so good for the people of america.

if you look at the actual numbers they are frightening.  it is not clear that all the money we have borrowed and are borrowing can even be paid back.  if you throw in the energy situation and the general state of the world - then it all looks real bad.  and, we the people are going to be forced to bend over and take a tough one as a result.  it is sad.  if we as a nation had kept our finances in order and practiced a prudent policy of investing the people's money wisely, we would be sitting on top of the world when it took its dive and even though things would be difficult here we would be better off for sure in the long run.  instead, we have squandered massive amounts of money (debt) and now it is getting tough and we have no buffer, no emergency fund, to work with.  this year we are borrowing 42 cents of every dollar the fed gov spends.  what if you did that for years.  what would happen to you ?

when you listen to the politicians talk it is like they are insane.  they act like someone else did this to us.  NO !!!  They did it.  The repubs (to a lesser extent but still guilty) and the dems (very guilty) have done this.  nobody else passed the laws and budgets and taxes.   all of congress should get out in front of the capital and apologize to the people of america for mismanaging their hard earned money so grievously and then either promise to go back inside to work and make it right or resign on the spot in shame.


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