next steps thread.....

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next steps thread.....

Hi gang.  This is my first attempt at starting a discussion thread.  It is designed to get a discussion off the Definitive Firearms Thread and onto its own space.  I hope it is worthy.....

Some of the denizens of the DFT have gotten a bit miffed that no new firearms threads are permitted unless on the CT forum.  I've read all 1600-odd posts on the DFT and gained much knowledge and technical info.  My hours on this site have also garnered me skills on chicken-raising, water, PM's, land, etc,etc.  All of these skills are practically, if not easily, implemented by individuals or families.  I postulated on a DF post that all these preps might not be sustainable it your neighbors are not prepared as well.  I'm thinking beyond personal preparation towards community preparation....I believe CM touched on the subject in his recent One Year Aniversary post.  Switching to solution mode...Sitting on your hill top alone with your stash could make you a tantilizing target.....We only have one trigger finger (two if you're from Hollywood ;^)).

We will all chose our own paths.  I think for many of us here it may be time to consider the hardest job in front of us- building a community to insure our own safety and sustainability.  I'm plumbing my own feelings to determine if I'm up to the challenge.  What are your thoughts?  Aloha, Steve.





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Re: next steps thread.....

Start a Transition Town Initiative.....

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Re: next steps thread.....

Transition Towns are definitely the goal, but until we get there, always be a boyscout--and be prepared!

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Re: next steps thread.....

 If you find a place you are drawn to ,  be a volunteer and maybe take on  some leadership roll.  Probably  not top dog  as it is lonley at the top and make a big target  ,but get in the council so you can add your ideas and have some say so .

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