New Zealand friends - are you ok?

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New Zealand friends - are you ok?

Reference: "Christchurch earthquake: joy and despair as dozens rescued but hundreds remain missing" at

I have been watching the articles and news on the big earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, and I can't help but think of the members of this community from New Zealand, Amanda V, NZSailor, and others.  Are you guys ok?  Are your families and friends ok?

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The staff shares

The staff shares pinecarr's concern. Out thoughts are with you & your families - we're hoping all are OK. Please confirm for us when you have the chance.

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Christchurch Earthquake

Hi All,

We are fine. We live north of Auckland on the North Island so are 500+ miles north of Christchurch.  Like you we are watching the news and worrying for those still missing.  Its a sad sad day for Christchurch and a reminder for other parts of the world (we have family in Seattle and San Fransisco) that one needs to prepare as best one can for events like this.


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NZSailor, I'm glad to hear

NZSailor, I'm glad to hear you all  do not live anywhere near where the quake hit, and are fine!  Our hearts are with your fellow countrymen in and around Christchurch!


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NZSailor, I have much love

NZSailor, I have much love in my heart for New Zealand.  My father was a U.S. Navy man stationed in Dunedin while taking deep freeze pickets to the pole.  When I was a young man, 19 or so, I spent 3 months hitchhiking through the three islands.  I will be forever grateful for the way the people of New Zealand treated me.  The easiest Hitchhiking I've ever done and I've done plenty.  Easy rides,  nice folks taking me home, opening there homes, giving me a place to stay and plenty of proper meals.... and Georgie Pies, man I loved Georgie Pies.   If you are are ever in the northeast of the states and need anything PM me, I am always looking to return the favor.  Nacci.

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