New Scientist feature edition "How our economy is killing the earth"

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New Scientist feature edition "How our economy is killing the earth"

I thought readers of this site might be interested in a special edition of the British journal, "The New Scientist", out today, October 18.

The lead article is available here:

The journal has collected scientists from many disciplines including ecology, economics, even philosophy to study the effects of our current economic system on the earth.  One interesting is that the lead article includes many graphs, all of them showing the typical "hockey stick" shape.

One interesting citation:

"The one piece of advice you will not see on a government list is "buy
less stuff". Buying an energy-efficient TV is to be applauded; not
buying one at all is a crime against society. Agreeing reluctantly to
advertising standards is the sign of a mature society; banning
advertising altogether (even to children) is condemned as "culture
jamming". Consuming less may be the single biggest thing you can do to
save carbon emissions, and yet no one dares to mention it. Because if
we did, it would threaten economic growth, the very thing that is
causing the problem in the first place."

Enjoy - in a masochistic sense.  :)

//James Wilde

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Re: article "How our economy is killing the earth"

Interesting article and ideas, James.  Thanks for sharing! 


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Re: article "How our economy is killing the earth"

The most important video you will ever watch on expotential growth and how we cannot maintain our current levels of consumption:- 



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