New Product Rollout as economic indicator?

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New Product Rollout as economic indicator?

Does anybody out there know of a list/digest that shows new product rollouts/planned new products?  

I was mowing the lawn (which leaves a lot of brain cells free to wander) and it seemed to me that if we set aside real low-end businesses (fast food, etc.) and tech stuff (new iPhone/Blackberry models, new computer gaming systems), I haven't noticed much in the way of the hype that surrounds new products being introduced ("Now with MORE CLEANING POWER!" / "Grill Like you NEVER HAVE BEFORE!"/whatever).

Now, this could be due to:

- reduced ad budgets (new products can't get the omnihype they did 2 years ago)

- reduced R&D budgets (fewer new products [although it seems there'd still be new products since they'd have been in the pipeline since pre-2008?])

- reduced marketing budgets (same as for reduced ad budget)

- ???

Are manufacturers holding back the introduction of new products (i.e., you don't introduce new products in August, and this is just one biiig looong August)?  Why bother when consumers are strapped?  Or am I just not seeing something that's still there (which'd make me happy to think I'm tuning out ads/marketing).

And if this is so, if we could track planned introduction of new products, could that be a leading economic indicator that Big Biz thinks things are getting better (whether or not they actually are is a separate issue)?

Just a woolgathering rumination on a holiday Monday (in America)...Hope everybody's relaximicating nicely (if in fact you've got the day off)!

Viva -- Sager

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Re: New Product Rollout as economic indicator?
SagerXX wrote:

Hope everybody's relaximicating nicely (if in fact you've got the day off)!

Lol, it's Labor Day . . . We're building stone walls and canning peaches, here . . . . Yesterday was the day of rest 'round these parts . . . .

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Re: New Product Rollout as economic indicator?

Sager..... word on the street had it that a "new" spray cleaner that just made crap disappear into thin air was about to be released but then was suddenly "banned"??? I guess DC was afraid of where it might be used LOL.

What we really need is an energy breakthrough but this would have to take some real effort & thinking beyond HollywoodSurprised.

You might be on to something.....just never know.....need to do some mowing myself......

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Re: New Product Rollout as economic indicator? (humor)

I-Doc:  I think that product is called the "VaPoorizer" and it was featured in a Ben Stiller/Jack Black movie some years ago.

The only thing I can think of are ShamWows (lol).  That and gold seem to be the only things we "should buy" these days.

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