A new name...

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A new name...

As you know, our country has undergone significant changes, so it’s probably time to change the name, too. I propose a new name for what used to be known as the USA: the Federal American Kleptocratic Empire (FAKE). Or - darker and more ominous - the Fascist American Kleptocratic Empire...

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Re: A new name...

Octavia is the name selected after the "staged" coup...

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Re: A new name...

 I agree that we need a new name, first because we are no longer united but are about as divided as one can imagine.  Secondly, because we are certainly not a nation of, for an d by the people.  Maybe we need a name that more accurately indicates that we are the nation of united banking, oil and other corporate interests.  How about the United Corporations of America, or The Oligarchy of America.

Hey, maybe a grassroots movement to change the name would be something that might get the attention of the politicians, and for that matter the world.

What do the rest of think?

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Re: A new name...

Love it, Ben A! 

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New and Improved Name!

has 76% approval rating among those who are paying attention

to the trends

may lead us to get someone to

pay attention before it's too

pay attention.


ADD rampant Committee to rename America discovers!

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