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NetJets just furloughed (canned) 500 pilots.

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Re: NetJets
Davos wrote:

NetJets just furloughed (canned) 500 pilots.

Huh.  Does that mean the apocalypse isn't imminent?  Cuz if it was, wouldn't all the banksters need their fraction of those jets (and the pilots that go in 'em) to get outta Dodge?

Or maybe they're just going to adapt in place (on the Upper East Side...or Amagansett)?

Viva -- Sager

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Re: NetJets

  I called my pilot friend to see if he had gotten the ax .  We are praising because he has a lot of seniority .  Especially since he just adopted 6 children born to crack mommas who were in Jail .    He does have a farm to fall back on that he works faithfully ,

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