The Myth of Government Money

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The Myth of Government Money

I hope those who read this enjoy it.


The Myth of Government Money

By Byron Dale 

If governments tend to be inherently evil as history has proven most have been, why do people continue not only to endure them but seemly also to revere them?  The facts are that governments are never good or bad.  It is the people that run them that make them good or bad.  If government is run by people who want to use it for personal gain then government is always good for them and inherently bad for everyone else.


If we allow government to be run by the very rich, like we have done, then the government will always be very beneficial to the rich and injurious to most everyone else.  Government is always good to those who have the money and power to get laws passed.  Laws that transfer the wealth from the working, producing people to themselves.  Go to any congress when they are in session and you can see the process at work.


The working people are having the benefits of their production stolen from them and................

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