My Renewed Sense of Hope

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My Renewed Sense of Hope

I’ve been a long time troller and would first like to say thank you to Chris Martenson and all the members of this forum for their informative discourse.  The information has been both thought provoking and life changing.  I’d like to share a short 20 minute video below, that I recently stumbled across that has given me a renewed sense of hope in the future of not just us here in America, but also across the globe:



I think Juan Enriquez stumbled onto something monumental not just from the current economic crisis but from a human evolution process.  Based on Enriquez film, humans must change to adapt the technological changes taking place in human beings.  Above all this means evolving which is nothing more than investing in one’s resources to ever expand one’s mental, social, financial, physical, and spiritual potential.  Even from a religious standpoint, you are encouraged to immerse yourself in the religion’s dogma so that you may evolve with time.  The more one evolves the more one is able to overcome the challenges our species faces.


What happens if you don’t evolve?  A perfect example is in nature when there is not enough resources to feed the whole species, the stronger and more intelligent of the species either prey on the weak or leave the weak to die off.  This isn’t just food.  In a recession, the people who have invested more into their careers and professional lives survive, while those who chose not to invest as much struggle.  In times of need, those with more social connections are better apt to survive than those who are recluse.  When facing seemingly insurmountable challenges like cancer, those who have invested more into their emotional well-being are more likely to either beat cancer or come to terms with it and live a much happier life than those who are emotionally weak.


I could expound on this view, but in short I believe the same is taking place now.  It may look more complex than when it happens to animals, but whether it is the coming food shortages, energy shortages, economic woes, climate changes, growing violence, etc.—I believe evolution is shedding the weakest of our species due to the earth’s limited resources and ability to sustain human life.


My takeaway from the movie was how to survive as a person and as a species.  In order for our species to take the next leap as described in Enriquez video, I believe it is going to take the strongest of our species.  Not just physically strong, but mentally and spiritually. 


Succinctly put, I took away the lesson to invest in myself and then teach those closest to me invest in themselves and then to help others do as I have done.  Everyday if I ask myself how can I grow to reach my full potential and take action in doing so, I start to grow x% a day.  Remember Martenson’s exponential graph.  Because if I wake up everyday and commit to grow x% a day, I start to compound my growth.  And then if I start to teach others the same concept and they pass it on, our species starts to grow and evolve exponentially.


I have a lot of hope for the future.  It is going to be an exciting time, and at times challenging.  I think it will contest a lot of the fallacious media driven principles concerning happiness and purpose such as happiness is not what type of car you drive or the color of your I-phone, but rather the relationships you build and the promises you keep with yourself concerning personal values.  Ultimately those who embrace change and rise to the challenge will find not only lasting happiness and joy, but will have evolved in every facet of human existence far more than what has been done in generations past.  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.


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