My DVD order just arrived!

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kidz kargo
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My DVD order just arrived!

Just got my 100 DVD order in!  Opened one up and everything is working great!  Get ready Chris!  You're about to see the effects of compunding with your website traffic!  My hope is for many people to be impacted in a good way.  Bring over the first DVD to my wife's parents house tonight.  Let the fun begin!



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Michael Höhne
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Re: My DVD order just arrived!

Burned my first PAL DVDs and labeled them with the provided artwork. They are looking great and I already passed the first copy to our neighbours. Download of the master image only took 2.5 hours, which is very good. I can't wait for the PAL version to be available though.

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Re: My DVD order just arrived!

Got mine yesterday and I echo Paul's statement--- looks good, works great, now the work begins anew.

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Re: My DVD order just arrived!

  A question for those of you that already received your DVD's; In your account section, on the order web site, did the status of any of your orders change from 'processing' to 'shipped'? 

  The reason I ask is that I had one of the larger early orders and I see its status as 'processing' still.  Also, on the order site, I did not see the alternative option to buy the plastic cased dvd's so I assume all orders were the cardboard sleeved dvd's as that was all that was offered. So, am I way off to think that all of the dvd's that shipped in the initial orders were cardboard sleeved?  Or did I miss something?

  Thanks to anybody that can help with some info about this. 


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Re: My DVD order just arrived!


My order of 100 arrived today in plastic cases and  I delivered 6 so far.

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My DVD order has not arrived!

This is what I have been getting from cdfx-crashcourse for the last several days ... Yell 

EDIT: problem resolved thanks to Eric. Order arrived late yesterday.

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