Multi-National Corporations

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Multi-National Corporations

Corporations are amoral. Patriotism is considered a moral trait by some, immoral by others, but not amoral.

Is it a misnomer to label a corporation, "a US multi-national" company?

Montana is challenging Citizens United because of it's history with outside mining money in their State/Local elections.

If companies like GE, Goldmann Sachs, Apple, etc... are multi-national, amoral, and incapable of patriotism by definition, is it right to call them USA companies? Is it valid to expect them to show loyalty to the American public that provided them their starting market?

I have my own opinions, but am very curious as to how this community sees these questions.

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Read Ayn Rand's book: 

Read Ayn Rand's book:  Atlas Shrugged.   It is a work of fiction written over 50yrs ago set in the 1930s US.  Your answer is there.  It is amazing how timeless her work is.

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You have raised a good point. I have started using the term trans-national corporations. They have no allegiance to any country. The big ones have more money and power than many nations, with better management and clear goals. One is to acquire major influence with various governments to further their own ends, while their only pay-back it the cost of the bribes … oh yeah, “campaign contributions” they make. This does not bode well for the rest of us.

Many good comments were made on this thread.



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