Moving Forward --- Past Promotion

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Moving Forward --- Past Promotion

This website has been running for quite some time now and there is a vast store of terrific information concerning why we have reached this point, what we are doing at the current time, and what should be done. However, there is no distinct collaboration towards moving forwards into the future. Few of you, if any, seem to be interested in writing about what we are GOING TO DO.

Yes, we are all economists here to some degree, since we understand and appreciate the sophisticated discussion of the interactions of nations, governments and people, as well as the interaction between economics, sociology, culture, religion, politics, finance, and philosophy, all combining into what we call life. We are all analysts of life here, with a specific interest in economics and finance, and how they are affecting the current world outlook.

Davos, Chris Martenson and company have done a terrific job of collecting the data to expose perspectives in the Untied States and across the globe that are not covered by mainstream media and are, perhaps, far more important than the mostly useless blather that FoxNews and CNN love to discuss (crime, war, drugs, etc.). While these topics can prove to be interesting to study economically, and their causes and effects on society have outstanding influence on other government policies, and macroeconomics on a broader scale, they are not what we are interested in, and do not as strongly determine the future course of our civilization.

In writing this brief post, I am most concerned about this single face. That our civilization must continue to live on despite whatever happens now or has happened in the past. Preparation is a necessity. We have all manner of doomsday scenarios laid out before us, but if any of them happened right now, who would be ready?

I propose that we make a concerted effort here to not only develop a running discourse that is critical of the established governments on this planet and their actions, and not only to postulate on how these actions may play out in the future, but discuss what we can do now to prepare for any number of scenarios that may play out that will affect civilization in its entirety.

This must include methods by which we can all communicate pending a disruption of business as usual in the United States; means by which we can secure food, water and shelter; means by which we can secure protection; means by which we can meet and develop a strong community.

If, as is forecast by several of the more extreme doomsday-ers, society is on the verge of collapse, then we can move counter to that by providing addresses or locations where, given a societal collapse, we can meet, in order to move forward. Perhaps a city or town, or series of cities and towns, where we can reliably be sure that others with similar mindsets will also be headed towards. This way, if anything catastrophic were to happen to the economic systems in place now, and the societies in place now, we can at least have a goal, instead of floundering aimlessly.

We all play parts in our governing systems. As citizens of the countries we live in, we have influence, albeit miniscule in proportion to the population of our nations. This influence can be leveraged with concerted effort towards public image, marketing and distribution of information. I feel secure in making the assumption that many of the members of this internet community are not neo-Keynesians or Keynesians. The Austrian school’s influence is growing in the United States, and internationally. This is just one example of the change that is taking place now, today. Take part in that change by participating in forums and debates in those areas of interest where your ideas lie. Do not settle for writing long forum posts that detail your world view or allow you to vent against whatever aspect of the establishment and status quo may be worrying or frustrating you. Go out and speak with other humans. Talk. Create progress.


Here on this forum, this is an excellent place for all of us to learn about what is going on in reality, beyond the spin that governments love to smoke us with. I love providing the analogy of the Cloud Gate in Chicago. Here is a perfect example of any idea or concept – malleable, multi-sided, reflective, yet tangible and realizable. However, if you look at the Cloud Gate from 10 feet away on the north side, you see one image, while on the south side 10 feet away you see a completely different image, if you stand directly underneath you see something altogether wonderfully different. It is a terrific piece of architecture that is extremely entertaining, yet educational in nature in this context. For if you look at the Cloud Gate from 100 meters away, or from above, you realize it’s true nature – that it is a bean-shaped object that is reflective.

My point: addressing an idea with a small perspective and limited frame of mind will distort your interpretation of the idea and then your resulting decisions, deductions and thoughts concerning that idea. However, if you approach an idea with a worldly perspective and a global frame of mind, taking into account all extenuating circumstances, all causes and effects, and how it relates to everything, then you will find your understanding is undoubtedly deeper, more profound and more complete.


So, conclusively, while we still have the luxury of immediate communication via internet, which may not always be (1) free or, at least, relatively cheap, (2) available, and (3) uncensored, set in motion plans for any of these possible scenarios occurring, that can assure that the intelligent, well-informed minds that are communicating here, with such interesting, intellectually profitable, and profound results, can be in touch without the luxury of the internet.  Additionally, let us make an effort to save our society around us, while we still have a functioning society, albeit It flawed. It may not be fatally flawed. I want to believe that it is not fatally flawed, and that we can still emerge with some semblance of the standard of living we have been enjoying for the past twenty years.

However unlikely that may be to some of you, we can always hope.

To those of you who will respond to this brief writing by calling me an “idealist”, that these ideas I am putting forward are not “realistic”, I leave you with one last thought. Before man learned how to fly, I’m sure those aspiring flight were called “idealists”. Before man travelled to outer space, I’m sure those aspiring space travel were called “idealists” (they still are… to some extent). Before women and minorities enjoyed equal rights with anglo-saxon men, do you think they were called “idealists” when they petitioned for change? I’m sure they were.

We can be “idealists” in terms of what we want to happen – clean, sustainable technology and economies; peace on Earth; reliable, accountable governments. These are ideals. In the Thesaurus, a synonym for ideal is goal. Without goals, where would we be? We would be wandering aimless.

Let us not wander aimless. Let us focus the information, knowledge, authority, experience and potential we have accumulated in this community and similar internet communities to first, define these goals, and then attain them. 

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Re: Moving Forward --- Past Promotion

 Be the change that you wish to see in the world. It all begins and ends with you. 

You > Family > Friends > Community > Nation > World > You

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Moved Forward

Hi rht-

We came across the "peak oil" info shortly after it was released in late 2006 but we were living as sustainable as possible at that time - but that info stepped up our schedule to be totally independent. Our goal was to become skilled at being sustainable by time energy prices were affected (we missed the date by a few years).

We thought if we started early - we would be ok but then we found this site last summer and realized we needed a plan modification so we stepped up the schedule again. So at that point we realized we were possibly facing total economic collapse at some point, government collapse from lack of funds (not printed debt) and climate change. Since I missed the mark before - I thought we'd just better get it done now.

Sometime in the next year we will have completed our goals for sustainability and at that point, we can grow to be able to sustain others. Hopefully up to 25 to 50 others from our small holdings with fruit, veggies, milk, eggs and meats. We have the resources here to make soap, syrup, baskets, repair bikes, dry our own food and storage it without outside name a few things on the list.

Other than the cost of the property, our seed stock and animals, most of the items we have found useful have been recycled items or things people used to use when horses were the way of transportation. Our plan was to: help ourselves; help others; be ok until we found our new sociatal bearings which may take years. . . as we have seen from the Former Soviet country - there will be problems on the road to becoming stable once things fall apart.

No Amount of Planning For these Events is Too Great  EGP

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Re: Moving Forward --- Past Promotion


Preparations are a very personal thing that are based primarily on your situation, wealth, expectation of what is to come, tolerance for risk and ambiguity, and several other factors. You may not be looking in the right places if you do not see discussions about what to do to prepare. Community, permaculture, energy independence, personal food production, water management, its all here for you to see, clearly hidden right under your nose.

For me, I would not wish to develop a grand plan where refugees come to meet in some central place, I need to have the parachute packed a little better than that and make my own community now, not post crash.

There are countless threads here for you to peruse about government 2.0, Fed reserve, state vs. federal, etc. etc. etc. Simply put, there never seems to be a consensus made about what to do except to go back to and honor the US Constitution as it was originally written and intended.

I understand your concerns, but I think you will find that you will need to answer these questions by yourself, for yourself.



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