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Looking for information on Monsanto and any , . . . . well basically , . . .  erm . . . . dirt. I'm not singling out a specific corp, corporations do what corporations do best - dominate. They seem to be a leading player in determining GMOs are adopted world wide. I would appreciate any links or info. If anybody has links or info relating to UK then all the better.

I noticed that a some CEOs (?? Im in UK, not sure if correct title) are on CFR. This disturbs me to say the least.

For anybody wondering what the hell I'm talking about then just google terminator seeds. Actually, do yourself a favour and google now - it is your food, or rather food is God's gift \ Natures gift to each living being. Particularly insidious to privatise food production IMO.Water is semi privatised to a certain extent here in UK, they tried in Bolivia on a greater scale but failed as I understand it.

Again, any research on GM crops, Monsanto and CFR appreciated.

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Re: Monsanto


I have no special info, but Monsanto is certainly a sore spot for a lot of people on this site, including me. It comes up on a good number of threads. Did you at least try the "search" feature?



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Documentary - 'The World According to Monsanto'

This is Part 1 of a 10 part YouTube series.

After starting the video click on it again to go to YouTube where you can see all 10 parts.

'The World According to Monsanto'

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Re: Monsanto


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Re: Monsanto

As opposed to Google Monsanto's motto got to be "Do only evil".

From "terminator seeds", seeds immune to their own pesticide "Roundup" which allows farmers to spray the produce directly instead of around it, successfully lobbying to not identify GMO products as such despite 90% of consumers saying they'd like to have that labeling, to supressing and attacking anyone in academia who questions GMO long-term safety and suing farmers for keeping seeds between seasons, etc, etc - feel free to do your own research to see that whatever they do is to benefit themselves and not farmers or consumers in any way.

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Re: Monsanto

Monsanto makes me shudder every time. 

The world according to Monsanto movie was... scary.  Really scary.

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Re: Monsanto


This film has plenty of information on Monsanto :-

The Corporation

...if you've yet to see it, I think you'll find this a terrifying revelation...



(edit) Scroll forward to about the 1 hour 45 minute mark for one of many Monsanto moments from memory..


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Re: Monsanto

I believe Pollan talked about monsanto a bit in "the Omnivore's Dilemma" (book) and possibly in "In defense of food"

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