Money for Nothin', Bailouts for Free

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Money for Nothin', Bailouts for Free

A stunning revelation from Bloomberg about TARP --

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Carl Levin, chairman of an
investigative panel, said he’ll issue a subpoena to the U.S.
Treasury Department
to obtain a contract with Citigroup Inc. for
$25 billion the bank received from a federal bailout program.

The Treasury Department has provided only a form that it
requires recipients to fill out without turning over the
Levin, a Michigan Democrat, told reporters at the
Capitol today. Citigroup got the funding under the Treasury’s
Troubled Asset Relief Program in October.

“I’m going to subpoena a document which should not have to
be subpoenaed,” said Levin, chairman of the Permanent
Subcommittee on Investigations. “I want to see whether the
actual contract with Citibank is the same as the form.”

Now, wait just a damned minute. Are you telling me, Senator, that y'all handed out 25 billion buckaronis without even the security of a signed contract?

ah ha ha ha



You insane hillbilly freaks ... Money mouth


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