Money Laundering Operations at AIG

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Money Laundering Operations at AIG

This is something I picked up on Market Watch, two small yet very large comments to an AIG Story:

"AIG is a giant money laundering operation for stolen taxpayer dollars. The money goes in the front door at AIG, gets written off as a "loss" on the income statement, then goes out the back door and into the pockets of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the other big financial companies. Nice and clean. Wall Street rakes in billions, the politicians secure their next round of campaign contributions and AIG execs keep the party going. The only one who loses is the American Taxpayer."

"A massive transfer of wealth is underway from the "Working" middle class to the Mega-"__" class. This wealth redistribution is as unjust as it is dangerous to the Republic. As the capital power of the middle class is washed out, the government grows bigger relative to the size of the non-financial segment of the private sector. It won't be long until the private sector is significantly dependent upon the government for capital sufficiency. The federal government is already dependent upon foreign infusions of borrowed cash and central bank capital. All of this is happening so rapidly that the electorate does not have time to gather its wits and take collective action." ...I honestly wonder what the heck is going on here, and can it be stopped before its too late?  Is what I see happening all around me really taking place? If it is real, "Why" are people in power not doing something to stop it??? Where is this taking us and why are we going there??? Are people in government really that stupid or is there a bigger script to be played out? What will we tell our children when we finally realize our collective fate?

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Re: Money Laundering Operations at AIG

no comment you see i am a conspiracy theorist and any comments i would make would be written off as just another conspiracy. keep your own counsel.

i would say though if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, and shits like a duck. its a horse

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Re: Money Laundering Operations at AIG

No worries.  The perfect storm is gathering. We can't stop it, only prepare for it.  These money-grabbing, criminal ***holes will cease to exist..along with their paper assets soon enough.

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