Misleading data?

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Misleading data?

I've learnt in this set of presentations more about the economy, and the incoming converging crisis than I did in my Ecological Design Course.
I have read a few comments and I've found a few posts mentioning misleading data, info inacuracies and graphics mistakes.
My comment, however is that no matter how big, deviated or wrong some minor data may appear, the overall pattern is perfectly clear for anyone that thinks a bit ahead: we've been doomed by some economic and energetic project dating from over a century. This failed project was doomed from the very start because a most precious variable -now deadly determinant- which is 'cheap energy' was never considered.
Though this may prove a most challenging period in human History the strike will prove deadly for most. Whole countries will dissapear, entire economies will collapse and only the very daring and bold facing this challenge will be surviving.
I must thank Chris Martenson for this fine course. It's a pity you cannot download it for off-line review. I'd love to keep it for the future and show my kids and grandchildren as an example of foresight.
Keep at it. We need it Chris.

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Re: Misleading data?

I must register to comment.

 First off, let's argue fact to fact, noone of the emotional B.S.


1. The charts needs to be made on a logarithmic chart to compare the price gains. The posted examples before the house pricing index featured much! greater in percentage than the housing index.The overall chart's look is affected by it's magnitude, you can manipulate them to get what you want, isn't that the cardinal rule of statistic?


2. Where do you get your housing index number? According to http://bp0.blogger.com/_pMscxxELHEg/R-k6W9DCIVI/AAAAAAAABwo/HTSDDSu1vKk/... the most covering index of the US markets, Composite 20 has only posted 50% gain, not 100%.


2.  The stock markets right now has finished the SHS characterized by a bubble, we have touched the left side before the speculative wind carried in.


4. Decline or bears are always shorter and steeper, you posted the few exceptions.


You're a good doomsayer/scammer, you mix lies with truth.

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