Minnesota has devoloped a financial solution!

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Minnesota has devoloped a financial solution!

To help understand the problem that we face I filmed Byron Dale on location where we went and explained the effects of interest and how our monetary system works.  This is the man who has authored the MTA and it has gained bi-partisan support.

 part 1 (watch in full screen HD)

 part 2 (watch in full screen HD)


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Re: Minnesota has devoloped a financial solution!

Thanks for this.

I watched teh video's and have passed them onto others.

He puts things very simply and when you realise what the implications are, i.e. when you extrapolate the series, you realise that the system is mathmatically flawed or at least, requires continual foreclosures to 'oil the machine'.

There is another video, 'money as debt' that also covers this aspect of the 'debt monster' that has to increasingly grow but I prefer Byron Dale's presentation as it put's it very simply.

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Re: Minnesota has devoloped a financial solution!

Thomas Hedin - thanks for the post. 

I am really glad to see a sustainable solution to our financial problems.  The banking interest scheme is absurd when one takes the time to investigate.  Interest free money is common sense and a powerful elixir for the economic depression.


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