The Middle Class Monotony

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The Middle Class Monotony

I'll be honest, I wanted to come on here so that I can promote my album called Middle Class Monotony but as I'm reading through some of the posts and the mission of the site, I realize we have a lot of common points. I consider myself part of the Zeitgeist movement and believe in the possiblilities that come along with the Venus Project being run out of south Florida. The thing we have to realize is that most of the world does not know our human potential because there has always been oppression from the ruling class. The masses have yet to discover their true power.

But we live in a world where communication is growing and knowledge is accessable. Though we have to sift through all the trash, truths are out there and we must be diligent in spreading the word. Without trust in each other, we can never progress as a society. It is time to redefine some key concepts: Human Nature, Tolerence, Divisionary Thought Processes, and most of all Economics.

I look forward to speaking to you guys on these subjects. My music was created over a long period of time. It has many of my old ideals in it from my Capitalistic days. The main point is to discuss the human conditioning that is taking place in the middle class. I plan on future releases to talk more about solutions than just complaints about our current situation. It is not a musical masterpiece, so keep that in mind. It is to meant to spark discussioin and lead us to fundimental questions that need to be answered.

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