Microwaving Oil Shale?

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Microwaving Oil Shale?


Has anyone else heard of this? If their numbers are correct, that really is a lot of oil.

 I'm really just curious if anyone has looked at this and found the "catch"


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Re: Microwaving Oil Shale?

My guess for the catch is EROEI.  It is "great" that they can produce these products with little refining left to do, but what is the energy cost for the process?  This includes the mining/transportation of the feedstock and the actual microwaving.  Even more, what are the environmental costs of the mining and disposing of the ash?  I have heard about it before, but I have no idea what the answers are to these questions.

All the best.

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For sure energy

Shale only works when prices of oil is higher than the cost to produce Shale oil. And I have read a few articles about Microwaving, and it actually raises the price. Using energy to make energy products is a fools game.







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