Mercury now Direct

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Mercury now Direct

well mercury went direct. on feb. 1 there is generally  a three week shadow after that date where there is still an effect of the retrograde period. so we are at the end of the mercury retrograde phase.

while mercury was retrograde there was much disarray in the obama admin. many appointments went sour the message was very confused. 

now the message is very much clearer. appointments are not an issue. clintons trip to china elicited the right response. obama's speech is generally acknowledged to have set the correct tone. legislation is sailing thru congress. obama is building a huge internet organization of obots.

yep communication is certainly a lot smoother. it is much safer to enter into agreeements.

also now that it is time to start planting our crash course gardens i recommend the stella natura calender.

it is a biodynamic gardening tool for when to plant and harvest your crops based on the stars.

just go to

the calenders are $14.95

biodynamic gardening was started by rudolf steiner a brilliant philosopher of the previous century.

you may be able to get them at amazon in which case you can order here and ol chris will get a cut.

nothing more magical than planting a seed and watching it grow..........unless you count creating money out of thin air.


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Re: Mercury now Direct

Ha!  It figures you are our resident astrologer.  Love it.  I caught your warning post when merc. went retro earlier.  Thanks for the notice.  For years I have watched for retro periods--- I have cautioned loved ones not to sign contracts etc...  Never heard of stellanatura.  I will check it out.  Thanks Joe!

Keep on Smiling...


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Re: Mercury now Direct

What was happening astrologically during the fourth quarter when the GDP went -6.2? Anything? What's coming up (the next few months)?

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