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Re: medical care preparedness

Thank you, Paranoid, for your kind acknowledgement of my post.

I hope everyone is encouraged by it.


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Re: medical care preparedness

Utilizing nature's available medicines

Since we got involved with our backyard gardening, many medicinal herbs have 'volunteered' in the yard.  We intentionally planted others.  We also included taking classes in our traditional medicines in our region known as La'au lapa'au.  It is Hawaiian medicine, and the results for ordinary things has been amazing.  This would include wounds, asthma, mild-diabetic conditions, migraines, strained bones and joints, morning sickness, insomnia,  stomach ache, sore throats, colds, rash, thrush, worms, and general immune support, etc.  There are plenty of supports for serious illness like cancer etc., though I wouldn't experiment with serious issues without the additional participation of a 'real doctor'.  Car accidents, aggressive infections; go to the doctor.

The main message of encouragement here is to give a serious look to the nature around those of you who live in a semi-natural environment.  We are part of the ecosystem and a surprising number of natural cures are around us.  I am going to limit my examples, because I am unaware that many of you live in the tropics.  (the Hawaiians were so disease-free for centuries or longer, they had almost no immune capability when the people came in contact with the Europeans and Asians).  I will list a few remedies of which I believe the mainland has access for examples.

Warts: tape the inside of a blackening banana skin (overripe banana) on the wart.  Place another banana skin on the wart everyday for the better part of a week.  Most warts are completely gone with no damage to the surrounding skin within a week.  For a very serious wart, crushed garlic can be in the compound, but try it first without as the garlic will irritate the skin.  Warts that have been there for more than a year, usually are gone without a trace.  It is a pain-free remedy.

Headaches:  Rosemary tea from a fresh sprig of rosemary works about as well as an Excedrin extra strength.  I usually put goda cola leaves for my brain stall, and passion flowers as a sleep aid.  The mainland mostly can grow rosemary but not the rest.

A few more tropical solutions:  

My children and students know quickly how to deal with a medium to mild cut.  There is a paste that we make from a plant leaf called naupaka, and can add aloe and noni, or wrap it in noni leather.  An injury that would seem to need stitches is often well sealed without signs of infection by the time the emergency room is ready to take a look at it.

The juice from crushed papaya leaves will help create a measurable rapid rise in blood platelet levels to strengthen a patient with Dengue Fever is another meaningful example.  Tea from the skin of chyote  squash will stabilize blood sugar levels and is a good choice to drink regularly for people with diabetic conditions.  This is also a benefit that can be measured by western medicine practitioners.

Many greens and herbs are basically medicinal.  I try to include them in our diets as food on a daily basis.  I sneak fresh turmeric into food regularly to keep my sons reproductive health strong from an early age. I have learned to look at food as medicine.   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Because my yard is now so alive with food and medicinal plants, this process feels effortless and free.  Once it becomes habit, it is no big deal and actually fun.  So far, we haven't experienced a bad side effect.  That said, I always bare in mind that if something is strong enough to help you, it is strong enough to hurt you.  Two years ago, I knew nothing about any of this.  Every place where humans have lived must have their own regional version of this.  Look for it; learn it.  It is empowering to move away from the pharmaceutical industry.



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