Meaningful Jobs in the Finance Industry

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Meaningful Jobs in the Finance Industry

I recently graduated with a finance degree from a 4 year college and I am now looking to enter the job market. After watching the crash course a question rose inside of me that maybe for example the banking industry will go through big changes in the near future. Maybe some of the jobs there will become obsolete?

What kind of jobs will be in demand in the near future and the most meaningful? If anyone has any ideas or sources of info I would greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Meaningful Jobs in the Finance Industry


I just graduated from a 4 year university with a degree in Actuarial Science well with the same thought process as you about finding a meaningful job.  Unfortunately, your intuition about the banking industry having few long run meaningful jobs is spot on.  It is not the fault of those who are working the jobs, instead those who offered the jobs as if they were indeed sustainable.  Major changes are coming to the economic landscape and I would advise you to look into the idea of Austrian Economics.

Have you heard about Ron Paul?  If you have not, I would also advise you to look into his beliefs on the monetary situation in the world.  My website is a great source of information for all of these topics if you are interested.

I personally want to go into economic monetary reform, and that is where I believe the future will be.  If you want to do yourself a favor, start reading up on how our system works and its shortcomings.  Once that is understood (may take a little bit and a bit of soul searching..), you can move onto what the solution is.  The solutions are obvious, but we must find them ourselves.  All of the tools needed to progress in life are in front of you... you just have to have your fingers push the right buttons to get to the right places on the internet.

If you read any major news affiliate for financial advice, I would recommend you outsource your information.  The following places are where I routintely check to understand what is going on in the financial markets.  -- Financial Forums  -- Gold/Silver Analysis (updated daily)  -- Fantastic alternative financial information website  -- Fantastic author talking about why gold is so high.  Has been talking about it for 10 years! -- My opinions and links to what is goign on!  I use these and many more.  If you would like a source of information on a particular topic, please feel free to ask.  Let us see if we can all learn together...


Anyways... hang in there!  The more you discover the more upset you will tend to feel.  I do not know your exact situation, but realize there are a lot of us youth out there who are struggling to ask the same questions.  The fact that you are on a website such as this and asking these questions shows you are ahead of the game!  Keep it up, your future self will appreciate it if you do so :) (and if you learn about yourself.. your current self will as well!).


Scott J

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Re: Meaningful Jobs in the Finance Industry

I'm a graduate as well and I'm in the same situation. Unfortunately the economic climate at the moment has not allowed me to be so picky. Since economics and finance is a part of most industries and businesses I have tried to look for companies that to me seem the most responsible or that have a product or service with a good potential for the future. Everything from alternative energy to local businesses that specialize in agricultural products or dairy products. Some products will most certainly continue to be needed and others (generally those that are further away from our basic needs) might not be needed in the same degree in the future.

That is how I see it for now. Its mostly about hanging in there while trying to make the best decisions with the knowledge available to you.

Happy job hunting!

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