Mass hysteria or being prepared?

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Mass hysteria or being prepared?

From UK,

Yesterday evening I think it was, I was listening to world service or radio 4. I was working so only listening in the background. Some guy was discussing psychosis \ group hysteria \ whatever and he mentioned that somebody he met was stockpiling cans of food in preparation for collapse of (not sure of rest, was busy) . . . .

Obviously this 'question of sanity' can be applied to most regulars here IMO. I think what would possiby separate the sane from the insane would be that the former are very very cautious about the years ahead and the latter are preparing for tomorrow morning (i.e. stockpiling serious amounts of food). I am getting old now so months are becoming more like minutes to me. This shifts the focus and alters the indicator of 'insanity' given above:  The question of stockpiling cans of food for tomorrow is more like preparing for some time 'soon'. What time framework did the guy showing psychosis really mean when he\she said tomorrow?

I've seen Chris' final crash course lecture on being seen as stupid and deciding on advantages \ disadvantages. I've read comments here and other places about heading towards self sufficiency (excellent!). I have also read the blog about the guy in South America that gives advice on how to prepare for when the SHTF (link please anyone).

I suppose the questions are:

1. Are you taking immediate action and what actions?

2. How long before the SHTF in your opinion?

3. How bad will the SHTF?

4. Can it all be avoided

5. How do you consider yourself?

I suppose I should indicate my answers and then people may see where I am coming from. I seem to have been brought up in a generation of doom and gloom so I have to ask myself is this just another case of unjustifiable worry (e.g. Nuclear Holocaust, energy crisis, . . .). So here they are:

1. I believe there is too much emphasis on current financial crisis AFA forums are concerned but that was my immediate action as well. We got out of 'that stupid bubble' as history may or may not record. We now have a small place in the country (very, very small - but cute and nice life). We no longer have to command large salaries to pay rent (or a mortgage) to sustain the bubble. Seriously, a 15% interest rate is still possible for us on a variable rate mortage but the rest of the UK would die at that level so it ain't going to happen IMO unless the SHTF good style.

2. Jury is out: I think 'they' may pull out of the current financial crisis but the other waves (Pensions, Demographics, Medicare, . . . .  ) will cause more serious problems. I think more of a concern is, if financial escape is possible, is the use of resources. Water is a problem, energy is a problem, polution is a problem, thanks to monsanto etc (please fell free to sue me but these are my opinions only I think I live in a 'democratic' part of the world) food is a problem. I would guess 10 years before the SHTF but if the economic stimulus works then probably shortened by stupid ideas such as scrap your car and get tax relief!?!

3. I think Gaia will teach the developed countries that yeast will generate the goodly by-product of alcohol until it kills off it's own culture, we saw this but but we refused to accept it. Yes there will be other pockets of existence but how do we get out of this vat!?

4. No :( Sorry, I just don't see the political will necessary and with all respect to Chris, this site and thousands of others, I really can't see it happening. Reasons: What percentage of water is now potable? What percentage of land is now arable in a sustanable fashion, . . . .

I watched the 3 hours of the Corporation video. It ended in a fairly up beat way (grass root movements etc), but I can't see this race going anywhere good :(

5: I think I may be suffering from gloom and doom delusions. Paulson apparently predicted the sky would fall, IMO he forgot to add  ". . . . no matter what we do".

Finally, I would like to add that I am not the eternal pessimist: I like to think of myself as part of a group of people that will be the last to fall ;)

Regards to all.

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Re: Mass hysteria or being prepared?



Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread. I just saw this:

Great minds or fools seldom . . . .

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