Martin Hennecke at Tyche, Hong Kong

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Martin Hennecke at Tyche, Hong Kong


Martin Hennecke is a money manager at Tyche in Hong Kong.  He predicted the current events and remains very pessimistic about the fate of the Excited States of Amercia and it's currency.  He's been advocating the purchase of precious metals for quite a while.


More of Martin can be found at cnbc, search the videos.

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Mineral Rights

Hello Martin,

I have been trying to find an buyer or investor for my family's mineral rights we hold in Saskatchewan, Canada. I reside in Ontario and would like to find a buyer from China or Hong Kong. These are freehold mineral rights to 160 acres of land south east Saskatchewan next to First Nation Standing Bull, presently under a 5 years exploration permit held by a numbered Saskatchewan company; Acron, KP397. With the global demand for future supply I would think that there should be somebody looking to invest for the near future. I tried contacting the First Nations directly to Chief Jim Boucher or Chief Guy Lonechild. Recent articles stated that the First Nation were also trying to secure future revenues and investments. I did recieve a call from Chief Jim Boucher in regards to the mineral rights but did not recieve a call back.

Can you please help in this matter?  My e-mail is [email protected]

Best Regards,


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