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The Martenson Brigade


You may not know it, but everyone who posts to this Forum is taking part in the "public" branch of the Martenson Brigade,'s official volunteer organization.

The Martenson Brigade is a behind-the-scenes volunteer group that has been working on projects like social networking sites, Wikipedia articles, DVD promotion, and government outreach.  We recently launched a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, and new projects are being started regularly.

The Martenson Brigade is one of the places where the solutions component of Chris' three step plan to action occurs as laid out in his recent blog entry, What's the Plan?  Obviously, there are literally hundreds of Crash Course viewers who have taken it upon themselves, as a personal initiative, to spread the message of this community to as many as possible.  We are grateful and humbled by these efforts, and without them, the Crash Course would be but a tiny footnote on the last page of your Google search.  But instead, in little more than a year, it has grown into something greater than any might have imagined.  That's on you, our avid fans and committed volunteers.

This would happen with or without a Martenson Brigade, but it is our hope to build an organization of volunteers who are committed to spreading the Crash Course message and focusing their efforts on specific agendas in a planned and measurable way.  We set up the "Promote the Crash Course" folder to gather ideas and gain a general "feel" of the types of initiatives our community members think are best for the movement.  When an idea becomes a project, we take the planning and discussion to the Martenson Brigade forums, which most of you cannot currently see if you haven't signed up for the Martenson Brigade.

It is with that that we open up the invitation for anyone interested in doing more - in getting involved in promotional projects and discussion intended to further the mission of this movement - to join our growing community of volunteers.  There are no time commitments, and participation is optional and completely voluntary.  Of course, we hope that in joining, your intention is to participate, but no one is expected to put in any more time than their busy schedules and desire allow.

Simply send us an e-mail stating your intent and your username and we will keep your information on file.  Also see attached Membership Survey at the bottom of this thread.

The name Martenson Brigade is a reference to the Volunteer Fire Brigade.  It has no military connotation as some have suggested.  These brigades of volunteer fire fighters were an essential part of community building in rural America (and still are today).  Originally established to fight fires (obviously), the brigades often became the de-facto volunteer organization mechanism for other community-oriented tasks such as municipal construction projects, bridge building, and, yes, rescuing small kittens!

So, with that historical reference in mind, we use the name brigade with pride and hope that others will march forward, water hose and axe in hand, with the full spirit of those brave men that have served the many communities of this great nation in its darkest hour. 

[Although Lucas is no longer with Peak Prosperity, we still welcome your Brigade-related submissions and ideas.  ~ Amanda]

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Re: The Martenson Brigade

Hope I can find a way to be of some help.



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book Crash Course

 Read the book and found it brought together many things that I have wondered about over the years-excellent.

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