Map Your Local Criminals!

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Map Your Local Criminals!

I am applying for a Conceal Carry Firearms Permit for the state of Florida. Along the path of paperwork and requirements I needed to find the non-emergency number of my local police dept.

Well, I stumbled across these links. They locate all the the convicted (and released) felony scumbags.

Now, in the event of a SHTF crisis, any desperate person could become potentially dangerous. But wouldn't you like to know who's an already proven predator and know where they are? Even better there are pics of them.

Check this out. Perhaps your city has a database like this one.

Or your state....

Put in your zip code. Then copy the address into google maps.

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Re: Map Your Local Criminals!

I checked for California, and they don't have one. I guess it says Department of Corrections used to have one on their website but took it off.

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