Machine Turns Plastic Waste Into Oil

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Machine Turns Plastic Waste Into Oil

I ran across this and thought some here would find it interesting.  I have no idea what the energy returned on energy invested is, or if there are other limitations that make it impractical, but it seemed like a very interesting idea.  There is even a "household" size version.



Our society is addicted to plastic.

Whether it's shopping bags, water bottles, or the rings from around a pack of soda cans, excessive plastic waste is choking our streets, landfills, and waterways.

Recycling provides one way to keep this waste from spoiling our environment, but it's energy and time intensive, and usually only results in more plastic products that will eventually be discarded.

Akinori Ito, the CEO of Blest, a Japanese company, wondered why we didn't take the deconstruction process a step further: turning mountains of plastic waste into a new source of oil.

Blest produces the machines in various sizes suitable for more industrial purposes or simple home use. There are already 60 in use across Japan at farms, fisheries, and small factories with some beginning to ship overseas for the environmentally conscious and curious abroad.

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Re: Machine Turns Plastic Waste Into Oil

The negative impact on the visual environment from all the plastic waste is immense.  Even if it takes energy (probably PV or wind generated electricity) to reconvert this plastic waste to oil, it may become one of the sources that keeps airplanes flying and trucks on the road.  Even now, my local auto shop uses its oil from oil changes to heat the shop with a burner they have for that purpose.

As the price of new oil goes up the use of these types of recyling will become economically necessary as we try to maintain our current lifestyle. 

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Re: Machine Turns Plastic Waste Into Oil

absolutely fantastic!

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Re: Machine Turns Plastic Waste Into Oil

this company is in North America  and they just recieved approval to make fuel from the NY DEC

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