Lovelock: CC and Collapse from Gaia Theory perspective

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Lovelock: CC and Collapse from Gaia Theory perspective

James Lovelock, who pioneered the Gaia Hypothesis is sounding like a major doomer in his latest.  I have not read this book, which is entitled The Vanishing Face of Gaia, but there's a very interesting review here:,_cap_and_trade_is_a_scam,_and_only_the_few_will_survive/

Here's a snippet some might find interesting:

Using Gaia Theory as his lens, Lovelock also examines five dreaded positive feedback loops, those processes now underway that at some point will become ferocious amplifiers of global heating (he finds "warming" too soft a word for the process). Lovelock describes how the most important of these feedback loops already in motion—the loss of reflective ice cover, the death of carbon eating algae as oceans warm, and methane released by thawing permafrost—will soon accelerate the heating trend underway, leading to sudden and dramatic shifts in global climate. Rather than the steady rise predicted by the UN’s IPCC, Lovelock is confident the change will resemble economic charts of boom and bust, full of sudden and unexpected discontinuities, dips, and jumps. “The Earth’s history and simple climate models based on the notion of a live and responsive Earth suggest that sudden change and surprise are more likely than the smooth rising curve of temperature that modelers predict for the next ninety years,” he writes.

Oh, great, another bubble. 

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