Louise Fresco on feeding the whole world

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Louise Fresco on feeding the whole world

I've just had the pleasure of watching this short lecture from the 'Ted' series, but I'm highly concerned about a serious pair of issues not applied within it. See if you can spot the obvious that was shouting out here :-

...the audience participation reminded me of a quip by a pair of English comedians called 'Smith and Jones', where they laughed at how the front 3 rows were 'stoned' and would pretty much laugh at anything they said no matter what. The audience reacts to the stimulus and applauds in return...

...I wonder how they would then react if they were given a 'condensed to twenty minutes' lecture by Dr Albert A Bartlett on the subject of 'Limits to Growth' directly after Louise Fresco?

Here's a link to a previous thread I created called...

The Most Important Video You'll Ever See - Limits To Growth


These are 'Hidden In Plain Sight' issues for me. They scare me every passing day as the world appears to be reaching Critical Mass...

Thankyou For Your Time...



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