Looters' Paradise, Part Deux

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Looters' Paradise, Part Deux

From Bloomberg:

'Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. House Financial Services
Committee Chairman Barney Frank said Congress will release $350
billion from the bank-rescue package after lawmakers, President-
elect Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson agree to
provide foreclosure relief and [$13.4 billion of] aid to automakers.'

Translation: 'You give away $13.4 billion which we ourselves declined to appropriate, and then we'll hand you another $350 billion to distribute to your cronies.'

Really -- how much longer can anyone expect this looters'
paradise to remain stable when the peoples' representatives act like a
bunch of eight-year-olds, playing with flamethrowers, dynamite and
loaded guns as they huff glue, giggle and vomit?

Frankly that's about all I can think of to do now, as this Third World clown show slides over the cliff.

Being looted by George Bush was tragedy; getting looted a second time by the likes of Barney Frank is farce. Cry

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Re: Looters' Paradise, Part Deux

Well, there's not much more to say here.  We elected representatives to government, and they have all long since forgotten who they are supposed to be working for.  Nobody among the rank and file that I have come into contact with feel this is were we should be spending our money - but that doesn't seem to matter any more.  Worse yet, the archangel Obama appears to be gearing up to spend in ways that GW never thought possible.

We are living in a very rapidly changing world, and those changes look very grim for the sheeple. 

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Re: Looters' Paradise, Part Deux

do people still huff glue?

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