Looking for info on the alternative currency movement in the states

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Looking for info on the alternative currency movement in the states

 I have recently viewed Dr. Edwin Viera's news clip with Mr. Turk concerning alternate currency. He advised that one thing we can do is contact our state representatives and ask them to come up with an alternative currency in the event the Federal Reserve System fails. He mentioned Montana, South Carolina, Tennessee, New Hampshire have submitted such legislation. I want to contact my representative but I do not know how to get this started by myself. 

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Last year, Utah passed legislation making gold and silver legal tender.


Given time, I think this will take off on its own in most halfway-sane territories.

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Alternative currency movement

Dear No Fiat
Last year the Virginia state assembly decided to study this topic.  We are still a little Jeffersonian here and possibly could end up with an alternative currency. If anyone on this blog is from Virginia and wants to pursue this please contact me.  At the very least we can communicate with the study group and see  what they came up with...........

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alternative currency threads

Dear No Fiat,

That is a great quesion, but a quick use of the Google 'search this site' function gave me at least ten pages of links within chrismaretenson.com about alterantive currency. Some of the first links to come up were:





This search engine is at the top right of every screen within this site (3rd time I am telling you this), and while we don't mind rehashing it it would be very nice if you told us you at least tried to look up your topic first. 

That being said, my state --SC-- will accept gold and silver as legal tender at their curent rates of exchange. I also suggest you look up Berky bucks.





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I asked Chris about Alternative Currencies..

This was a year ago but at that time he said he wasn't big on them.  The reasoning was probably over my head.  The Berkshares in Western Mass are interesting.  You go to the bank there, hand over $100 and they give you $105 Berkshare dollars to spend regionally.  I see the issue being if the dollar collapsed, the Berkshares go with it....  since they are pegged to the dollar... 


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