Look at this books reasons for skills

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Look at this books reasons for skills

I am not endorsing this guy's book.  I haven't even read it. I just got it from an investment site and was struck by the authors reasoning for why we all need to be more able to survive on our own.


If You Don't Read This Book, You Better Hope Your Neighbor Did!

There’s a very important book that I hope you read, because your life may depend on it. And you don’t have to take my word for it. Just read some of the unsolicited, 5-star reviews on Amazon.com. Like this one ...

If you don't read this book, hope your neighbor did!

Sean Brodrick

Sean Brodrick, natural resource analyst and author of The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide

Over the years, I've lived through a large, disruptive earthquake in California, being snowed in for 3 days in Indiana, and now a 4-day power outage due to last week's record snowfall in Dallas. Each time, I patted myself on the back for my level of preparedness, but each time, I saw that there was room for improvement. The irony of finding this book is that I didn't find it until AFTER the power came back on! All I can say is, I've doubled my knowledge, which I thought was pretty extensive. Most of my neighbors turned to me for help getting through this recent event. Most of them thought of it as a disaster; I thought of it as an inconvenience. After reading this book, I'm beginning to think of it as a minor inconvenience. This is not some fringe camo-wearing, wacko-survivalist author (I've read a few of them, and they were a turn-off). The book doesn't preach doom and gloom, it makes you la! ugh and think about being ready for burps in the daily grind. This is meant for every couch-potato-type suburbanite out there. Read it now, or someday you might wish you had!

— Suburban Homesteader

My name is Sean Brodrick. I’m a natural resource analyst for Weiss Research, and you may have read my journeys to the far corners of the Earth looking for the best undiscovered stocks.

But I have another side, away from the stock and commodity markets. I’m very interested in “prepping” or preparing for the worst. I’m prepared for all sorts of emergencies — economic, energy, food, pandemics, you name it.

Amazon.com Review #2 ...

5.0 out of 5 starsBrilliant crisis preparedness book — probably the best as of 2010 
The author does a splendid job of covering big economic trends and financial advice, combined with more traditional survival topics like food storage or off-grid living. Each chapter has a handy "least you can do" checklist at the end.

I got interested in this during Hurricane Katrina, when New Orleans drowned. The local, state and Federal governments couldn’t handle the crisis. And that’s when I knew that if the s**t hit the fan, I couldn’t count on the government to save my sorry butt. I had to take care of myself and my family.

So, I started researching crisis preparedness. And I came to an awful realization: Our economy, our country and our civilization are skating on thin ice. And I did what any human being would do — I started to get scared.

The fact is, there are at least a dozen things that could end life as we know it. Oh, you could probably survive — but in a radically changed world that would shatter the bubble that most Americans live in.

We think we are an exceptional country. And we are. But all empires end, and the biggest giants fall the hardest.

Let me give you three examples of what I mean ...

Crisis #1: America’s Empire of Debt. Do you think the lifestyle you live is normal? Not by global or historical standards. And yet this is in a country that has hollowed out its manufacturing base and shipped it overseas. The lifestyle we live is only made possible by an enormous empire of debt. The outstanding public debt is $12.3 TRILLION. The U.S. has a little over 307 million people, so that means every single man, woman and child in this country owes more than $40,000. It’s increasing at a rate of $3.5 billion per day. And that’s just the public debt — consumer and corporate debt add $trillions more!

The Good-Time Charlies in Washington would have you think this party can continue forever. But that bill is coming due, and the longer we put it off, the worse it will be.

How will it end? Potentially, in an economic depression that is worse than the Great Depression. Perhaps even a currency crisis, where the dollars in your pocket lose value day by day and hour by hour.

Crisis #2: Peak Oil Is Rushing Toward Us Like a Runaway Train. The only reason oil prices aren’t higher is economic weakness around the world. But countries including India and China are adding to their fuel demand at a rip-roaring pace. Meanwhile, oil companies are now putting drills down 4,000 feet in the Gulf of Mexico to then drill through 35,000 feet of rock. These wells are deeper than Mount Everest is tall! They aren’t doing this because it’s fun. They’re doing it because it’s the only oil they can find! And one thing you can count on — it won’t be cheap oil. Meanwhile, America is a nation built around the automobile — no one is more vulnerable to an energy crisis than we are.

Amazon.com Review #3 ...

5.0 out of 5 starsEntertaining and eye-opening! I know now what I can easily do to better prepare my family and without spending a fortune! This book makes great sense after the tumultuous year we had in `09. My mantra for the New Year — plan ahead in case a few more hiccups hit suburbia in 2010!

How will it end?Potentially in an oil crisis that sends the U.S. deeper into an economic tailspin while dramatically changing the way you live. In more extreme cases, an oil crisis can lead to a food crisis. Food travels between 1,500 and 2,500 miles to get to your dinner table, and supermarkets are going to run out of food fast if the delivery trucks run out of gas.

Crisis #3: Water Is the Quiet Emergency That Could Shape the 21st Century. For most Americans, water is less expensive each month than cable television or having a cell phone. And yet the World Bank reports that 80 countries now have water shortages that threaten health and economies while 40% of the world — more than 2 billion people — have no access to clean water or sanitation. Local water systems around the U.S. are old and in desperate need of upgrades, and legal battles are heating up over water rights across the country. While you can substitute various alternate fuels for fossil fuels like crude oil, there is no substitute for water. This is a crisis that is spinning out of control around the world.

How will it end? Most people would not be able to handle a water emergency. If droughts worsen, we could see people forcibly relocated from cities and areas that just can’t support their populations.

There’s a lot more that can go wrong — potential shutdowns of large portions of the U.S. power grid, civil unrest, pandemics and more. This all used to keep me awake at night, until I learned the Three P’s of Preparedness ...

PLAN: Be aware of and plan for the dangers you face — not only the “common” emergencies like fire and flood, but earthquakes and other natural disasters that may threaten your locality, as well as financial crises that lurk under the surface of our economy.

PREPARE: People who get scared can panic, and people who panic can spend too much money. Once you identify what you need to do, find solutions that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A big part of my book is about how to save money in your everyday life, and how to spend that money wisely to prepare for the worst.

Amazon.com Review #4 ...

5.0 out of 5 starsNo Hysteria Here! Practical and Easy to Read 
I have to admit I normally shy away from anything with "survivalist" in the title, but after skimming the introduction of Brodrick's "Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide" I was hooked. The author offers tons of practical advice in an easy to follow format and avoids the Chicken Little approach ... the sky may well be falling sometime soon, but anyone who reads Brodrick's book will be prepared.

PROACTIVE: If civil unrest breaks out in your town, what are you going to do? What about if the lights go out and don’t come back on ... or the water stops coming out of your faucets? You have to be ready to act and act decisively no matter what comes your way.

I write to you with a sense of urgency — there is a tsunami of trouble headed our way, and though it’s hard to predict exactly what or how things will go wrong, our country and our very civilization would really be beating the odds and history if we are able to continue on the way things are.

But don’t panic! You have time to prepare. You probably have money, at least more money than the poor folks in Haiti who saw their world shattered in an instant. And if you have the will to take action, you can be much, much better prepared to ride out the worst. But you must start now! The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

Why My Book Is the One You Need

There are many “survivalist”-type books that can help you plan and prepare. Now let me tell you some of the ways that mine is different.

I’m not going to tell you to uproot your life. Too many survival books are about moving to a goat farm, far from civilization. My book is for people who want to prepare in place. You can prepare for the worst in the comfort of your own home, and end up with a better, more secure home in the bargain.

I’m going to help you save money. Becoming a smarter shopper is one smart move you can make right now. And the money you save can be put toward buying the things you’ll need to survive worst-case scenarios.

I run the gamut of what suburbanites need to know. I’m talking from farming food on a small plot to growing money. I’m not going to tell you what berries you can survive on if you’re lost in the woods. I am going to tell you what moves you should be making in your investments RIGHT NOW to prepare for the economic s**t-storm that is headed our way.

In short, my new book, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guidegives you practical advice you need to ensure your family’s safety and security through thick and thin — without all the conspiracy theories or annoying political agenda.

The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide gives you plain-English hints, tips and strategies that can literally change the way you view the world, and how well you successfully navigate through it.

And I want to make darn sure you get your copy! So here’s what I suggest you do:

Contact your favorite online bookstore today ...

AmazonBarnes & NobleBorders, and Books- A-Million have it on their shelves, ready to send out just as soon as you give the okay.

Remember, it’s important to protect your finances and seek out the best investment opportunities out there. But all the money in the world won’t mean diddly-squat if a real crisis hits your neighborhood!

For a very small amount of money, you can make sure that your family is prepared for just about anything. And if that isn’t the best investment of them all, I don’t know what is! Act now ... or you can wonder, hope and pray that your neighbor does.


Sean Brodrick,
Author, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide
Editor, Crisis Profit Hunter

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Re: Look at this books reasons for skills

Sean Broderick hasn't been particularly "on" with his investment advice.  I think I'll pass or at least, wait until there are a whole lot of informed reviews of the book.

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Re: Look at this books reasons for skills

Agreed that is part of why I was surprised by his take on energy as his reason for this book.....   When what was considered  fringe becomes mainstream what does it indicate?  Progress or peril?

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Re: Look at this books reasons for skills


I would bet that 99.9% of the info in this book is available free online at various survival blogs. Heck, I bet most of that info is available here at CM.com on the various threads, or by posing questions to the members.

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Re: Look at this books reasons for skills
earthwise wrote:


I would bet that 99.9% of the info in this book is available free online at various survival blogs. Heck, I bet most of that info is available here at CM.com on the various threads, or by posing questions to the members.


I know that you are right - the point was not the book - who cares about the book - it was the authors reasons for WHY people should buy the book that caught my attention!  Look at the issues about energy.......

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