Live in town or out?

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Live in town or out?

We live in a semi sustainable house 3.5 miles from a vibrant town of 2500 people in Vermont,  there is great community here and everything we need but in our immediate proximity (our dirt road which is about a mile long to the nearest paved road) there are very sparse houses, basically we are in the woods with about twenty neighbors in the mile stretch with 100-200 feet between.  Our dilemna is should we move closer to town, a town if possible and then focus on a the basics or just hunker down and make this house more workable and figure how to do the 3.5 miles to town when that is necessary.  This also impacts just basic social interaction in the future should things really get bad, we worry about being too isolated.  We have a yurt we built on our land and an apt in our house so there is some community here but it that enough?


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Brett, you've got a situation most people would envy hugely.  I'm in much the same situation, small town, maybe two miles to the grocery store, and 18 miles to a 'real' town of 10-20,000, in southern Oregon.  I chose it for the remoteness in case TSHTF, it has a year round creek, pond, could be hydroelectrified, and fenced 1.5 acres with ability to keep any kind of animal except pigs.  Nearest neighbors are within 100s of feet but quiet and it's at the end of a private driveway/dirt road.

Advice: Rent out the yurt and apartment to like-minded individuals, network in town when you can get in, whether it be church groups, political groups, Transition Town groups, etc.  Vermont is a wonderful state for self sufficient types, I'm sure you'll make ready friends. 

The cost of moving into another location negates whatever slight improvement being closer to town gives you.  Spend the money on becoming off-grid self sufficient, and good luck with the Second Vermont Republic secession movement!  :) 

A good bit of advice might be a quote I saw the other day:  If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, water yours!






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Gut feeling

"You're in Vermont? Eh, don't worry about it."

If I had to pick one state that, as a whole, I thought would be best equipped to deal with a global socio-economic shutdown, it'd be Vermont.

How many acres do you have? If Isolation is the concern, you could always parcel some of it out to like minds, children, family or the like.
Just some thoughts.



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we live in nowhereville nj.  there is a hardtop road, woods, deer, bears, racoons, foxes, turkeys, various other fuzzy buddies, and a few neighbors mostly farmers here and there.  we are backed up on a lake.  i like it here.  i have no intention of moving.  we are a little close to NYC (2 hours by car) for my tastes but just far enough away and remote enough that if people were forced to leave the city due to conditions there the vast majority would not come through here - they would tend to follow the major roads.  i do not believe that living in a city is a good plan at this point. 

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